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You may have been suddenly eating dozens of snacks and craving weird food items. You may have wondered why you crave so much food when you are about to get periods or during periods. Well, everything has a scientific reason behind it. There's no doubt that menstruation is bittersweet. As much as it is suitable for your body, it has many cons. Many women feel guilty for munching on late-night snacks or filling their tummies with junk food during periods. 

But women must understand that their bodies are beautiful no matter what, and they must embrace their flaws at all times. Satisfying your cravings won't make you ugly. All bodies are different, some women may get severe cravings and some may not get it all. However, whatever you consume during periods, make sure it is nutritious. People think craving different items during the period is just a mind game, but you will be surprised to know it is way beyond that. 

The scientific reason women crave food during periods is - 

People blame everything on hormones. Yes, hormones are one of the prime reasons for mood fluctuations and period cravings, but other things make your craving more intense. According to the research, Estrogen and Progesterone fluctuations in your hormone levels cause cravings for sweet or high-carb foods. 

Moreover, you might have wondered why you specifically drool over chocolate or something sweet during your periods. It is because when you eat starchy food or sweets: your body releases serotonin. Serotonin in your brain helps in regulating your mood. When serotonin is at an average level, it helps you feel relaxed, happier, emotionally stable and calm. That is how food is connected with your period cravings and instant pleasure. 

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