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Saat Phera! The seven holy steps. You might have seen Sath Feras in movies and serials, but do you know its actual meaning? Well, The Saat Pheras (7 steps) or Saptapadi is considered the true essence of a Vedic wedding. Before marriage, the couple must understand the value and meaning of these Saat Pheras. Marriage is the symbol of the eternity of love & innocence. Marriage is when two individuals are tied in a knot of love and trust. It is incomplete without rituals and certainly the Saat Pheras. Marriage is not about two individuals getting married but about two families uniting and becoming one big family. 

What do these Pheras indicate? 

1) The First Phera - This Phera is about nourishment. It is a vow the groom takes to provide necessities like food, money and shelter to the wife and their children. And the brides agree with the vow to offer equal participation. 

2) Second Phera - In the second Phera, the couple asks God to bless them with immense strength to overcome the obstacles in life. Whether emotional, physical or mental stress, this vow is about seeking stability from the almighty to keep the relationship intact in thick and thin times. 

3) Third Phera - In the third Phera, the couple seeks the blessing of wealth and prosperity in their married life. The bride and groom also commit to a faithful relationship and promise never to break the trust.

4) Fourth Phera - In the Fourth Phera, the couples seek blessing from the almighty to fortify the bond between the two. Also, the groom acknowledges the bride for making his life complete and the bride promises to love unconditionally. 

5) Fifth Phera - In this Phera, the couple asks for healthy progeny and promises to nurture them responsibly. They promise to live with each other as a couple and as friends. The couple promises to become responsible parents. However, in the first four pheras, the groom takes the lead, but in the last three Pheras are led by the bride. This indicates that when the situation arises, the bride is capable of dictating the situation too. 

6) Sixth Phera - In this Phera, the couples seek blessing from the almighty to set them free from any disease and ask the Lord to shower love on them. The couple promises each other a balanced life with family, children and each other and hopes to have an abundant life. 

7) Seventh Phera - The last Phera officially ties the bride and groom in the holy marriage. The couple promises to strive for maturing and wisdom and to never give up on each other. They promise that their love and friendship will remain strong and they will always maintain peace. 

Saat Pheras is the most enchanting experience. The Saat pheras are taken around the holy pyre and nothing can be more beautiful than witnessing two companions taking vows to be together forever. 

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