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Adoption is a beautiful way of accepting a child that is not yours and making them yours. There are numerous orphanages in India and many innocent children are deprived of parental affection. Which child doesn't want to be wrapped in a mother's arms? Which child doesn't want to hold the father's hand? No child wants that, and no child should be deprived of that. When we think about orphan kids, we think about their future and education, but we tend to neglect one of the significant aspects: mental health. 

Children living in orphanages have to grow up alone, with nobody to rely on, no one to wipe their tears, no one to treat them with tokens of fondness, and so much more. Yes, education is essential, and so is love. Donating to these orphanages might make those kids' lives bearable, but what about the compassion and care they need? By donating, you will only secure the outlines of their life, but by adopting, you will change their lives.

However, if you wish to adopt a child, you must know that the adoption journey will be full of rollercoasters. 

As much as adopting a child sounds easy, it is not. The Indian Government has made the adoption laws and guidelines strict to protect children from threats, human tracking and other stumbling blocks. However, if you are mentally, physically and financially stable, you can adopt a child and make their life worth living. Those kids will bloom like little roses, from good education to unconditional love. Many Indian public figures have adopted children and set an example that it is high time we break the stigma of adopting a child. 

Actors like Sushmita Sen, Sunny Leone, Raveena Tandon and many more. Although the adoption process might sting a bit, it will all be worth it. When you get to hold the tiny hands of your child, you will forget about all the bone-tiring circumstances you dealt with. 

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