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You may have had days when you felt a loss of appetite, which is fine. Your body reacts like your brain signals, offering as per your mood. For instance, you may eat less or more than usual when stressed. However, if you observe unusual eating patterns, then that is something you should be worried about. Those who have signs of mental illness get infuriated because they experience weird things happening to themselves, especially mood swings. Moreover, some everyday things people do when they are low are, stuffing their mouths with junk food. This could be an Eating disorder. 

What are Eating Disorders? 

Eating disorders are behavioural conditions distinguished by a disturbance in eating patterns. It sounds so unproblematic, but it can be severe as they majorly affect social, physical and emotional conditions. Eating disorders entail binge eating disorders, Anorexia, Bulimia Nervosa, Pica and other specified feeding and eating disorders. Eating disorders can become a concern for mental health and body image. 

Causes of Eating Disorders - 

Although there are many reasons for eating disorders, the common causes are genetics/heredity, mental illness and body image. Many studies have proven that genes are vital in developing eating disorders. However, mental conditions like depression and anxiety can also become critical factors in the cause. This may be adapted to childhood trauma, childhood sexual abuse, bullying and much more. And body image issues may be rooted in body-shaming comments, forceful childhood feeding, body dissatisfaction and much more.

Eating disorders are life-threatening mental illnesses and if you observe yourself overeating or eating nothing at all, you must consult your healthcare provider. You know your body well. You know what is normal and abnormal for your body. Eating a bag of chips in one go may seem normal, but that can be a topic of concern when you persistently do that. Or when you eat large pizzas doused in cheese yet feel hungry, that might not be hunger but your brain giving wrong signals to your body. You must keep track of what you are eating and at what time. You may not understand how severe it can get, but these unhealthy eating patterns straight away become a part of your lifestyle.

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