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Are you in a relationship where you feel immense passion brewing between you and your partner, but something doesn't seem right? Being in a relationship comprises not only sexual benefits but also entails emotional support, a companion to rely on, and much more. Being in love is more challenging than it seems in Bollywood movies. In today's generation, love doesn't happen once; you must change your partner to see where your comfort resides, or the circumstances propel you to do so. 

We wish it were as easy as they show in movies, but sometimes your life has other surprises for you. While saying yes to the relationship, you may have many dreams about living together, being in love forever and sharing your lives. Still, gradually things turn out to be different. At least once, you may have experienced being in love, but deep down, you know your partner isn't the one for you. As if destiny doesn't want you both to merge in love. Listen to the UNIVERSE. 

When you are in a relationship, you see many flags, some green and some red. Green flags indicate your partner's good traits and stand for a healthy relationship, and red stand for the opposite of green. The universe gives you a lot of time to understand and recognize these flags but leaves it upon you to decide whether to stick with the same person or move on. You may have or might be in a relationship where you are deeply in love and so is your partner, but the problem never ends. And this problem doesn't seem to be expected; it keeps occurring and threatens the beauty of your relationship. You may be in a karmic relationship if you are in such a relationship. 

A karmic relationship is nothing but a relationship where two individuals are immersed in love & passion but feel turbulence. People in a karmic relationship may be strongly codependent on each other, making it toxic. 

A karmic relationship is often observed as a turbulent and emotionally exhausting relationship. 

Signs of a karmic relationship -

- Codependency

- Intense arguments

- Addiction toward another individual

- Constant break-ups and make-ups

- Insecurity and possessiveness

- Frequent Miscommunication

- Emotional abuse 

How does the Karmic Relationship impact people?

Some people take a karmic relationship as a sign from the universe to learn life lessons. However, things can differ for each person. You may be iron-willed and can quickly learn life lessons, but some people find this type of relationship traumatizing. 

Emotional abuse, bad experiences in relationships, constant fighting and feeling belittled by a partner can lead to many mental health issues. The karmic relationship can have an earth-shattering impact on you if you accept a peaceful and supportive relationship. 

Karmic relationships test individuals to understand the responsibility of love and relationship. It is an unbalanced power dynamic between individuals, comprising romantic relationships. Karmic relationships are often unsustainable and are only meant to give you life lessons. Sometimes the karmic relationship is also perceived as resolving unsolved karma of past life or experiences. Karma can also be passed down to generations; that's where there's good karma and bad karma. For decades spiritual gurus have been sowing the seeds of good karma. They say your good karma may benefit your upcoming generation, and so will your bad karma. Just like that, your karmic relationship can impact you and your future generations.

If you leave your karmic relationship or bad karma unsolved, it will haunt yours sooner or later. If you continue to stick with a karmic relationship, it may cause turmoil for generations. For instance - You may think you can sustain your relationship, but your kids will have to go through the same toxic circumstance, your grandkids will face the same situation and it will keep following. 

So, the best solution is to break from a karmic relationship and take it as a life lesson as it is meant to be. 

How to break free from the karmic relationship? 

1) Create Good Karma

2) Practice forgiveness

3) Understand your responsibilities

4) Learn from your life lessons and don't make the same mistake

5) Perform cleansing rituals

6) Get out of a toxic environment 

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